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CHARASOUND:  is  a record label, music publisher & promoter of arts

A place for musicians, artists, photographers, writers who are working with an uplifting, healing, spiritual dimension to their work

Aim: To bring delight, vision, quality and depth, through sound, music, words and image, with the hope you are touched or moved as soul


“Mirrors of Light” Concert tour announced.

Patricia Siffert will give the world premiere of Rosemary Duxbury’s latest piano music and launch new CD. Read more...

Friday June 22nd: Fraser Noble Hall, University of Leicester 7.30 pm

World premiere of “MIrrors of Light 1” & British premiere of “MIrrors of Light 2”
Saturday June 23rd: Gloucester Cathedral. 7.30 pm

World premiere of “Prayer”

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CHARA: (kara) [Greek] joy, gladness; the joy received from you; the cause or occasion of joy ; [Celtic] a friend, dear one;
[Sanskrit] moving; name of a little star in the constellation of canes venatici (hunting dogs)
SOUND: what is heard; in good condition, thorough, effective; find depth of water; ascertain /probe; a channel


NEWS! Healing & inspirational music published by Charasound now available for mp3 download

Also available as sheet music, and on CD.


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