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In the Master's Love' was premiered by Rosemary Duxbury in Kenilworth, England. This melodic and uplifting piece has been performed around Europe and in America. Rosemary performed it with a video projection by video artist, Kathy Hinde, at the Lotus Foundation, London. For a while, Kathy Hinde also performed the piece regularly at the beautiful Pump Rooms in Bath, England. It has been recorded by Swiss pianist Patricia Siffert on the CD 'On Wings of Light' and by British pianist Julian Hellaby for the Central Composers Alliance CD 'Music for a While'

'As a beginner on the piano I found "In the Master's Love" accessible and immediately rewarding. I enjoyed discovering the structure of the piece and continue to enjoy being taken on a journey through various landscapes visiting familiar places - often finding that the mists have cleared and new vistas have been evoked. The piece is always out on the piano ready for inclusion in the day's musical exercise and enjoyment.' R.S. Hertfordshire, UK

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‘In the Master’s Love’
played by Rosemary Duxbury